One Small Change

Learn the Easy First Step to Crushing

Your Goals!


  • Are you overwhelmed and want to stop the self-sabotage?

    Identify the spots that keep you stuck and keep you from accomplishing your long-term goals. 

  • Do you have good ideas but no time to execute your plan?

    Learn how to get unstuck using Yvonne's signature Dead-Reckoning Rule™, giving you the focus you need to see your bright future. 

  • Do you doubt yourself and not even try to make a move?

    Discover where those long-held beliefs come from and how to break out and change them.

  • Do you want to keep your business progressing by overcoming the challenges of time, growth and life? 

    There is a reason you are not moving forward and Yvonne can tell you why and your next best step. 

Meet Yvonne McCoy


Yvonne McCoy, Women’s Business Strategist, helps women entrepreneurs elegantly navigate time, teams and talents to maximize impact! She is passionate about changing the challenges of entrepreneurial business environments into practical solutions, expanded opportunities and amazing results.


Her business background as well as life experiences are the basis of her practical systems and programs. She helps women manage constant change to have the life they deserve by discovering their confident, powerful leadership style, 


Her extensive experience in coaching, divisional operations and in diversified job training assists clients in creating innovative and successful coaching and training solutions. Her facilitated process integrates the performance and learning needs of the organization, the job and the individual for organization-wide results. 


  • Discover how the happiest and most fulfilled individuals are the ones that have their eyes on the horizon and realize they have a lot to give the world. 

  • Learn Concepts that you can start using right away to start navigating towards your destination and leave an impact and egacy that you love.

  • Build Confidence to harness both fear and failure and position your life experiences to get the outcome that you deserve! 


  • Five Instructional Videos

    Each video is only three to six minutes in length, leaving you with easy to consume, bite-size learning modules. 

  • Downloadable Workbook

    For those who prefer to read along, this downloadable ebook also holds the exercises needed for this mini-course.

  • Complimentary Productivity Feedback Calls

This course will teach you, step by step, how to focus on your 

actions, your vision and impact through one small change.

One Small Change


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